“Jintian Animation” has always believed in the mutual development of the Company, employees and clients. On the basis of our outstanding reputation, we have won trust and acclaim from all customers, established favorable industrial reputation and image, and become the first professional animation food operator in China with access to a wide range of famous animation brands in the world

Our Core Value:

Gathering in Jintian, mutual innovation and development, and happy growth

Our Corporate Strategy:

To become a food culture leader

Our Public welfare activities:

1. On July 8th 2016, “Animation Is Here” entered Tiegang School of Longtan Town, Longmen County, Huizhou City and brought sweet and pleasant “spiritual food” to children in the mountain.

2. On the day the “Animation is Here” event was to be held, staff from Guangdong Jintian Animation Company Limited also arrived at the school in advance and prepared amazing animation snacks for children and everybody was just so happy!
3. Utmost charity and great philanthropy: Jintian Animation donated 160,000 Chinese Yuan to flooded areas in Hubei and Hunan Province.